Professional PPG Paint Distributor in Owensboro

Are you a body shop owner who is looking for a professionally run PPG® paint distributor to work with? Look no further. Gipe Auto Color in Owensboro is here for you and we have everything you need. PPG® paint is a world leader in automotive paint. If you need paint for collision services, we have everything you are looking for directly from PPG® Paint. The pros come to us. When you come to us we offer superior services for support, assessments, and troubleshooting. We have the newest products and use the newest technology. Whatever it is that you need, you can be sure to find it here with us.

If you want high quality and superior service and looking for a PPG® Paint Distributor in Owensboro, be sure to contact Gipe Auto Color in Owensboro. We have everything you are looking for including great customer service. Give us a call or contact us at your most convenient opportunity. Call us today at 270-685-2222.

Six Things to Consider When Choosing a Supplier

The collision repair industry is highly competitive, and repairers face many choices that can have a significant impact on their businesses. Choosing the right direct repair programs (DRPs), parts suppliers, and paint suppliers are just a few decisions collision repair business owners face. Continue reading “Six Things to Consider When Choosing a Supplier”