PPG™ Delfleet Essential® Customers Tell Why it’s Their Paint Line of Choice

The Delfleet Essential® brand is an easy-to-use, VOC-compliant paint system that delivers productivity and consistent quality at a value-conscious price.

This industry-proven, single-stage system provides a glossy, durable finish with exceptional throughput performance. To complement the line and expand capabilities, a basecoat offering increases color and finish options. Equally impressive, warranty coverage is available for both the direct gloss and base-clear finishes.

Check out what PPG™ customers in the United States and Canada had to say about the proven technology, total color solutions, and the best-in-class service provided by the Delfleet Essential® paint system and PPG Commercial Coatings.

Productivity of Delfleet Essential® Can Help You Deliver More Trucks and Equipment  

The manager of an Oregon shop noted that, with only one paint booth, it’s important to be able to qget the vehicle or piece of equipment sprayed, baked, and out of the booth as quickly as possible. “We can get it out of there, get the next one in, and get it done.”

Others noted that they can easily adjust for wide fluctuations in temperature with the variety of hardeners and reducers provided by PPG. And low-VOC products meet stringent laws.

“We use Essential because it works for us,” said a Michigan collision repair shop owner. “It’s the best product out there; I brag on it so much.” He praised the product line’s superior coverage, noting that, “You don’t want to go around a piece of equipment three or four times. You want to get it done in two coats. And Essential’s never let me down for that.”

Color-matching Ability of Delfleet Essential® Helps Deliver More Jobs

With vibrant reds and greens and “very black” blacks, Delfleet Essential® can help your painter quickly match colors. “And if somebody brings something odd in that we can’t seem to find a code for, we can use the RapidMatch, take an image of it, and that will usually print us a very close-match formula,” said a painter at the Oregon shop.

“They also back it up with an excellent color chip book which is filled with actual paint chips,” said the supervisor at the shop in Canada. “Most [paint manufacturers] provide you with inks, which are not actual paint. Ours are paint, and it’s the quickest way to go. It’s filled the need every time. I’ve never had a letdown on finding a color or having to match our color.”

Appearance and Longevity of the Finish Keep Customers Returning

A floor supervisor at a Gardena, Calif., shop praised the line’s ease of producing quality-appearance results.

“It’s a really good product with no runs; it shines, and that’s what customers want to see. Mix with the right ratios, follow the specs, and put it on right, and you won’t have to buff it at all.”

The Michigan shop owner said that delivering vehicles to satisfied customers reinforces to him how important the quality of the finish is.

“Customers are excited to see the [newly refinished] truck, because when they brought it in, it was so faded and in bad condition. They come out like a brand-new truck. My customers are amazed. They compare it to an automobile finish.”

The quality of the products used keeps customers returning, said an Ontario, Canada, shop owner.
“It will outlast any other paint.”

“These are pieces of equipment that are worth half a million dollars, sometimes,” said a supervisor at that shop. “And the final thing you see is the paint. With Essential, the overall finish is spectacular.”

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