Keep Your Technicians Trained with PPG Certification

Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and with today’s complex colors, new refinish products, and procedures, there is plenty to keep up with.
PPG Certification Training is a key part of PPG’s commitment to ensure that automotive and commercial refinish technicians stay up to date with the latest products, processes and techniques for maximizing a paint shop’s productivity and quality. Gipe Auto Color can assist you with scheduling training.

Automotive And Commercial Refinish Technical Certifications

To achieve PPG certification, technicians must have at least one year of experience and successfully complete certification training specific to the PPG premium paint system used in their facility. Certification training sessions include a 2-day in-person training course consisting of classroom and hands-on training. Courses are conveniently offered at PPG Business Development Centers and various field locations across North America.

To maintain and renew their PPG certification, technicians must be recertified every two years by completing a 1-day recertification training course. PPG technician certification is an integral part of both the PPG Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee and the PPG Commercial Vehicle Paint Performance Warranty program.

Five Levels Of Automotive Refinish Certification

One often-overlooked benefit of achieving certification status is the recognition that automotive refinish technicians can gain by third-party acknowledgement and accreditation. To help recognize the professionalism of our painters, PPG offers five levels of certification: Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master.

After achieving initial Blue-level certification, technicians are eligible to graduate to the next level by attending certain qualifying classes every two years. After eight years, qualified technicians are eligible to graduate to Master Certified Technician level. With completion of

each level, technicians are awarded a patch identifying their status.

Student Certification

PPG has partnered with select colleges and technical schools to give students the opportunity to become industry certified through the PPG Partners in Education™ program. To become PPG-certified, students must pass both written and hands-on testing conducted by PPG. Upon successful completion of the program, participants earn a two-year PPG certification.

About Gipe Auto Color

To learn more about how PPG™ training certification can keep your technicians ready to tackle the most difficult colors or refinish situations, call Gipe Auto Color at 502.966.2384, Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm. We represent only the highest quality products on the market.

With over 50 team members and 9 locations serving Kentucky, Southern Indiana, Southeast Illinois, and Northwest Tennessee, Gipe Auto Color is one of the largest PPG™ Platinum Distributors in the region.  We have seven dedicated tech reps certified in all PPG™ automotive refinish product lines.  Their primary duty is to help customers apply PPG™ coatings using techniques that ensure maximum performance day in and day out.

Our service does not stop in the paint shop. We offer assistance in process evaluation, development of standard operating procedures, inventory management, performance data analysis, and targeted improvement strategies with an emphasis on customer profitability.