Introducing the Total Automotive Sanding System From 3M and Festool

Why consider dust extraction?

Less Dust. More Efficiency.

When it comes to improving the cleanliness of your body shop, proper dust extraction can’t be an afterthought. Efficient design means less rework. And that’s exactly what the Total Automotive Sanding System brings to the automotive repair industry.

Benefits for the Body Shop

The Total Automotive Sanding System is engineered to support the ongoing need for cleaner, safer, more efficient and profitable shops.

Profitability + Efficiency

⦁ Reduces the amount of dust in the air from sanding, leading to less rework, driving improved cycle time and process efficiency.
⦁ Reduces cleanup time.
⦁ Enhances workplace efficiency by reducing time spent searching for tools and materials.
⦁ Workcenter enables the use of abrasives to end of life, leading to reduced material spend.
⦁ Increased technician mobility.

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