Introducing PPGs EST 900 DTM Chasis Black Topcoat

PPG’s Commercial Coatings Division will soon launch a key new product, EST900 DTM Topcoat, which will give customers a new choice for metal protection. EST900 is a direct-to-metal (DTM) 2.8 VOC topcoat that does not require a primer coat. It offers exceptional adhesion and corrosion protection, and can be applied direct over sanded cold rolled and blasted hot rolled steel surfaces.

Eliminating the priming step of the metal protection process reduces labor time, material costs, and speeds up the entire coating process. Additionally, EST900 DTM utilizes the existing Delfleet Essential® hardener and activator package. As a 2.8 VOC topcoat, EST900 DTM is compliant in all areas of the US and Canada.

For more information on EST900 DTM or any of PPG’s Fleet and Commercial Performance Coatings, contact your nearest Gipe Auto Color location or sales representative.