Top 5 Things That Will Compromise Your Vehicle’s Paint

Auto Paint Protection

Automotive finishing is one of the most important parts of the auto manufacturing process. It obviously makes the vehicle look good, which is important when choosing a car to purchase, but your automobile’spaint job is also an important tool for protecting the car’s value, and the vehicle itself.

Here is a list of the top 5 things that can compromise your vehicle’s paint. However, with a little time and knowledge, you can protect your automotive finish to keep it looking new. Gipe Auto Color carries a full line of car care and detailing products for the professional and do-it-yourselfer alike.

  1. Bird Droppings
    Your vehicle’s finish is delicate and deserves a good cleaning at least every other week to remove dirt that can restore its natural shine. However, if you are part of the unlucky few that commonly park in an area inundated with birds, washing your vehicle more frequently will definitely add life to your vehicle’s paint. Not only are bird droppings on your vehicle unsightly, the dried droppings are acidic, which can absorb into your finish and leave a permanent mark.
  1. Bugs
    Very much like bird droppings, bugs’ internal structures are acidic and can damage your paint. If you notice bugs on your hood, trunk, grill or anywhere else have taken their last flight and are now an ornament on your vehicle, be sure to head to a car wash, or use a good bug and tar remover. The sooner the better. Once bugs decompose they are extremely difficult to remove from your paint job as you will note they stick to the surface. When traveling long distances at higher rates of speed you will need to evaluate your vehicle for bugs.
  1. Dust Art
    If your vehicle tends to pick up dust from the roadways, don’t be tempted to get creative and draw on your vehicle with the dust as your palette. It may seem like a good idea to inscribe “wash me” or become the next Picasso, however you are doing your paint job more harm than you may realize. In doing so you are literally smearing dirt, dust and debris that can permanently etch the surface of your finish.
  1. Tree Sap
    Tree sap is among the toughest contaminants to remove from a vehicle’s finish, and among the most damaging. Once tree sap bakes onto a vehicle under a hot sun, it become like a resin. After baking into the finish, the sap eventually etches into the clearcoat and paint, causing webs of deterioration around every spot of sap. If you have difficulty removing tree sap from your vehicles surface, see your local detail shop or try using an automotive clay bar, which is designed to gently remove contaminants from the surface of the vehicle.
  1. Eggs
    You might be scratching your head asking yourself “Eggs, why eggs?” Often the result of vandalism, eggs can damage your car’s surface in two very specific ways.
  • Egg whites and yolks of an eggs are acidic and can eat away your paint’s clear coat. It can also leave a nasty stain if it’s baked in. Left untreated it can damage your vehicle’s basecoat as well.
  • Eggshells can also scratch your paint – significantly. Keep in mind, wiping eggshells off your vehicle with a cloth can add to the damage. You will need a solution that lifts the debris from the surface, so you can wipe it off easier.

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