PPG™ New Chromatic Sealers

PPGRefinish, a division of PPG Industries, is a global leader in the refinish paint and coatings industry.  PPG, founded in 1883 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, leads the industry in innovation, sustainability and color, serving customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products and construction industries.  In 2018, PPG invested more than $9 million in communities around the world.  It is this leadership and innovation that brings new products to the collision repair industry.  In July, PPG released the ECS8X-A-Chromatic Sealers to replace ECS2X and ECS6X Sealers.

The experts at Gipe Auto Color can demonstrate and recommend the optimal products for your projects.  Read on for an overview of this new product offering.

Product Information

A-Chromatic Sealers ECS81White, ECS85 Gray and ECS87 Dark Gray are premium quality sealers designed specifically for use under ENVIROBASE® High Performance Waterborne Basecoat. these A-Chromatic Sealers are ready to top-coat in 15 minutes and have the best leveling and blend edge properties available today.  All 3 sealer colors were selected to match A-Chromatic shades G1, G5 and G7 and with a simple mix ratio, G3 and G6 can easily be achieved. The sealer can be applied over un-sanded OEM e-coat, sanded original finishes and/or properly prepared and treated bare steel, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic.


In all cases wash all surfaces to be painted with soap and water, then apply the appropriate ONECHOICE® cleaner. Ensure that the substrate is thoroughly cleaned and dried both before and after preparation work.

Original Paintwork should be sanded using P400 grit discs (dry) or P600 grade paper (wet). Exposed bare metal should be spot primed with a suitable bare metal primer (see below).

Aluminum, Bare Steel, and Galvanized Steel must be clean, rust-free and abraded thoroughly using P280 – P320 grit paper. These substrates must be primed with SX1071 Etch Primer.

Electrodeposition Primer (E-Coat) must be thoroughly cleaned and can be directly overcoated with the A-Chromatic Sealer without abrading.

Polyester Body Fillers should be dry sanded and finished with P320-P400 grit paper.

Gel Coated Fiber Glass and SMC should be dry sanded using P320-400 grit paper.

Plastic should be dry sanded with P600 (use a finer grit for softer plastics) and prepared first with a Plastic Adhesion Promoter before sealing.

Performance Guidelines

  • The use of HVLP spray equipment can give an increase in transfer efficiency of around 25% depending upon the make and model of the equipment used.
  • For all substrates except un-sanded electrodeposition primer, ensure that the surface is thoroughly sanded to the panel edge or to a distance several centimeters beyond the damaged area, whichever is smaller.
  • Do not apply over thermoplastic finishes such as lacquer.
  • Partially used cans of hardener must be kept closed to prevent moisture contamination.

About Gipe Auto Color

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