Gipe Auto Color is a certified PPG Platinum Distributor of all PPG paint supplies in Hopkinsville, KY. Our team of PPG certified technical representatives will hep your auto body repair shop decide between all the top of the line products including PPG offers including Deltron®, Envirobase®, Nexa Auto Color® 2K®, and Shopline®. Gipe also carries 3M Collision, Norton Abrasives, and SEM® product lines to help your shop provide the top auto color jobs in Owensboro, KY.

As an auto body repair shop owner, you know that your paint department is a huge part of the service you provide to your clients. Selecting only the best paint option for your shop will help your team provide that quality paint finish on all your auto body repair jobs. And because of this, Gipe Auto Color is committed to providing the best possible customer service experience to get your auto body shop fully equipped to complete your paint jobs in a timely fashion with our high quality paint products.

To help achieve the goal of providing the best quality service to your auto body repair shop, Gipe Auto Color employees a team of PPG certified technical representatives. As part of this process, our certified technical representatives will provide shop assessments to help find the best paint solution for your auto body repair shop. Along with that we will make sure you keep up to date on the latest paint products and technologies as well help troubleshoot any equipment, either via a phone call or an in shop visit to make sure everything is running properly in your auto body paint department.

So if you are looking for someone to come alongside you and help you through the process of picking the best quality auto body paint line and products for your auto body repair shop, give Gipe Auto Color in Owensboro, KY a call at 270-685-2222 to set up an in shop appointment to help get you and your auto body repair shop on the path to a better paint department. We look forward to working with you.